Kidney Cancer Patient Information Session

Friday 9th July

13:30 – 14:30 CEST

Kidney cancer patients and advocates are invited to join the session chaired by Dr Sara MacLennan, Academic Urology Unit, University of Aberdeen, and IKCC Affiliate Member, Athina Alexandridou, President, VHL Family Alliance.

The objective of this session is to explore obstacles experienced by kidney cancer patients: financial toxicity, psychosocial distress, and lack of disease awareness. Furthermore, does research reflect the needs of actual kidney cancer patients? Two examples of patient-driven research will explore that area, and the final talk will answer the question of how to balance quality of life with kidney cancer disease management.

Presentations will include IKCC Affiliate Member Dena Battle, President, KCCure discussing COVID 19 and financial toxicity in patients with RCC, and IKCC Board Member Anne Wilson presenting a summary of the 2021 World Kidney Cancer Day campaign. Further details below or click here for the full agenda:

Registration is free for kidney cancer patients and advocates.

Click here to register for the session or follow the link in the message below.